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Smart solutions to your engineering needs

Specialists in Vehicle architecture, composite materials. Precise, on time and no hassle engineering solutions to your requirements.


From conceptual design to fabrication, DTC accompanies you along the journey.


Our team has experience in high-performance automobile conception and fabrication thanks to immense experience in Formula 1 racing.

Hydrogen storage

Pioneers in hydrogen storage technology using composite materials


+ Internal and external aerodynamics optimisation.
+ CFD Simulations and wind tunnel testing experts with 40+ years of combined experience.

Mechanical Design

+ Precise engineering for flawless components.
+ CAD modeling to FEA analysis, we bring concepts to life.

Project Management

+End to end solutions, on-time, on-budget delivery, every time.
+Agile methodologies ensure project success.

System Architecture

+ Complete A-Z solution for system architecture design
+ Compliance with standards and regulations

Prototyping / composites

+Expert solutions for prototyping - material of your preference
+ High performance composite prototyping

Hydrogen storage

>Lightweight design
>Applicable to road, rail, ship and aircraft transportation
>Ground based storage solutions.


Here are some commentaries from our clients who trust Design Tech Centre

We came just with an idea. DTC transformed it into a great product. Since 2005, we are running the two cars. It makes our clients experience Formula 1 sensations like no where else.

Laurent Redon

CEO, LRS Formula

We rely on DTC's sharp skills, a partnership built on trust for our complex project to design our hybrid electric aircraft.

Didier Esteyne

CTO, Voltaero

Big Frog is an exceptional technological demonstrator turned into a racing beast; a challenge that encompasses the realms of sports, technology, industry, and the environment. Thanks to the collective effort put forth, France is in the spotlight, and we can all take pride in it

General Alain Silvy

French Air Force

We are extremely proud of the Reno Air race victory and of the strong commitment of our subsidiary SMA to the Big Frog project. Together with DTC, we were able to achieve this incredible feat.

Marc Ventre

Safran group

We set high ambitions when we started the P-51 aircraft project (HDGW-51) to be made entirely out of carbon fiber. DTC's high skill enginers make it happen, no matter the difficulty.'

Eric Gerard

ex-Dassault test pilot / HDGW-51 client


Our team is a multi-cultural team with diverse backgrounds and skills. Our experts have worked in high-tech companies and graduated either masters or doctorate degrees from prestigious universities globally.

Franck Doyen

Chief Executive Officer

Thierry Roubinowitz

Lead engineer - CAD | Fabrication

Dr.Nicolo Baiguini

Lead of Hydrogen storage project

Theo Bonneboy

Project lead - Carbon fiber P-51 aircraft

Dr.Arun Subramanian

Lead of Aerodynamics and CFD

Maxime Mugnier

Design engineer and CAD expert

Dr.Ahmed Yaich

Structural engineer

Carine Anade

Accounts and HR


Reach out to us to get to know us better and for potential collaborations. We respond within 24 hours to your queries.

Engineering office : Bureaux de la Colline, Av. du Palais, 92210 Saint-Cloud, Hauts-de-Seine, France

Registered office : 25 Allee de la Courtine 78340 Les Clayes Sous Bois, Paris Region, France


+33 6 11 47 42 07